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Расположение: США / Миссури / Дом-Спрингс
Адрес: 3774 Gravois Road
Почтовый адрес: 3774 Gravois Road, House Springs 63051-1355 MO
(Название на местном языке: St. John Chrysostom Orthodox Church)
Тел.: +1 (636) 677-4333; +1 (314) 520-2441
Факс: +1 (636) 376-3223
На сайте РПЦЗ
Язык богослужения: английский, церковнославянский
Расписание служб: Saturday 6-9pm : full Vigil and confessions.
Sunday 9:40am : Hours and Liturgy.
During the week, all major feasts with Vespers and Matins (or Vigil) at 6pm in the evening, and Hours and Liturgy in the morning. Most weeks, there is at least one full cycle of weekday services (evening and the following morning).
Год основания: 1983
Примечание: Our parish is a congenial mix of Russians and Americans. We welcome all visitors, and especially those who are new-comers to Orthodoxy.
We have many children and an active Sunday School program with three classes, following the Liturgy.
A meal is served in the Church hall after each Liturgy, providing an opportunity for parishioners and visitors to get to know each other.
Our services are conducted in English, with some Slavonic (Old Liturgical Russian).
Our priest, Fr. Christopher Stade, is happy to meet with anyone after Liturgy, and at any other time by appointment, either at the church or
Координаты: 38.413616, -90.585437
DD:38.4136160° N   90.5854370° W
DMS:38° 24´ 49.01760" N   90° 35´ 7.57320" W
DDM:38° 24.81696´ N   90° 35.12622´ W
GPS:N 38 24.81696   W 90 35.12622
Достоверность координат: Точное расположениеКоординаты определены по адресуКоординаты уточняются